Happy New YOU Year 🎆 🍾

2020 has been a hard journey. The year had road bumps, speed breakers and nasty dangerous shit; COVID. All of us were the victims in some way or another. All of us had been through a lot. We cried and we yelled. However, let's not forget the good times. Those little moments we spent laughing. [...]

The Wildflower

Enduring the summer heatthe rainy storm,The winters chillor the springs blossom Leisurely she creepson the wallThe wallflower they assumeleft unnoticed, whilst she crawls Waltzing with the windand flirting with the wolvesRiding on the oceans wild tidesshe reaches for the stars She takes her timeA minute, a dimeBlooming through the vinesA wildflower shines!! -dianadiv Pic credit: [...]


Sing me a song of waves gliding along Hush my fears whilst the darkness adheres. Sing me a song of legends and myths Of war and the brave warriors. Sing for me, I couldn't sleep A symphony A tale of epiphany. Sing to me, the whispers of the woods A Lullaby Amidst thousand fireflies. Sing [...]